Remember how outraged you were when you found out last year that fare beaters cost the MTA $14 million a year? Well take a big sip of that iced coffee before we drop the actual number on you: $50 million. “This is situation we have to get under control,” MTA board member Allen Cappelli told the Daily News, presumably as a man moonwalked through an open emergency exit gate behind him. “Not only is it a significant amount of revenue, but you’re allowing people to behave in a lawless manner.” Just think of what can be purchased for $50 million—that's enough for like, six countdown clocks!

MTA officials explained the increase on the difficult and imprecise nature of keeping track of fare beaters—bus drivers are supposed to press a button when someone enters without paying a fare, and cameras are also used. While the MTA claims they are drafting a "comprehensive and citywide" plan to target fare beaters, they're discussing whether to ask the NYPD to conduct more stings and tighten enforcement.

Or they could deploy their own Eagle Team made up of retired NYPD officers and "former members of the military." Have fun, Eagle Team!