2008_05_farrockpo.jpgWhile there's video evidence Brooklyn's Kensington post office could be the worst post office in the city, Far Rockaway's post office could give it a run for the money. Representative Gregory Meeks complained to the Daily News, "There is so much incompetence and lack of supervision [there]. I'm hearing from a lot of seniors who don't get their Social Security checks on time. A lot of people aren't getting their bills."

Many have been unhappy with Far Rockaway's postmaster George Buonocore. Not only has Meeks blamed Buonocore's incompetence for poor postal service, under Buonocore's watch a postal supervisor charged $4,800 on a Postal Service credit card for a rental car and medicine. While Buonocore was reassigned to "developmental detail" last year (small improvements were seen in his absence), his return has coincided with increased complaints of "undelivered mail, deliveries to wrong addresses and poor customer service."

One longtime Far Rockaway resident told the News, "I don't use the post office in Far Rockaway anymore. I go to Inwood [in Nassau County]. I hope they realize how serious our complaints are."

Photograph of the Far Rockaway Post Office, which is on the National Register of Historical Places, by Kevin Walsh/Forgotten NY