Earlier today we profiled some fantastic (and impossible) visions for a new Penn Station, courtesy of the Municipal Art Society's challenge to four renowned architecture firms. Now, let's take a look at what these dreamers came with up for Madison Square Garden.

Above, SHoP sees "an extension of the High Line that connects the new station to a glorious and financeable new Madison Square Garden."

Below is a layout of their vision of the west side of midtown (its fantasy highlighted by the inclusion of King Kong). Click here for larger image.

SHoP Architects-GothamGateway-MasterSection.jpg
Rendering courtesy of SHoP

Another firm to take a stab at MSG was H3, who is opting to build the arena not on Manhattan, but next to it. They describe their design as "a relocation of Madison Square Garden to a 16-acre site on the west side waterfront provides an enhanced venue with a singular new identity and expanded tourist, hospitality, and entertainment opportunities."

Rendering courtesy of H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture

So what does MSG think of these designs? Not very much. Not very much AT ALL. Here's The Madison Square Garden Company's statement on the May 29 Design Challenge:

It’s curious to see that there are so many ideas on how to tear down a privately owned building that is a thriving New York icon, supports thousands of jobs and is currently completing a $1 billion transformation. These pie-in-the-sky drawings completely ignore the fact that no viable plans or funding to rebuild Penn Station and relocate MSG actually exist. Not that long ago, MSG spent millions of dollars and three years exploring a move to the Farley building as part of the new vision for Moynihan Station.

That plan collapsed for a number of reasons that did not involve MSG, but did involve many of the same people now pressuring MSG to move, including The Municipal Art Society, which created enormous obstacles to achieving the relocation. The restoration of Moynihan Station has been a 20-year discussion that has led to very little progress or funding. The fact that this exercise does not include anyone who actually has detailed knowledge of this issue or understands the realities of this complex project exposes this exercise for exactly what it is.

Well sure, these designs will never become reality with THAT attitude!