Even though the Yankees were playing Game 3 of the ALCS in Anaheim, Yankees fans were able to watch—via Jumbotron—the matchup at Yankee Stadium yesterday. And there were some boo birds there! One fan told NY1, "Joe Girardi blew the game. He went over in the dugout and looked at the book and he took Robertson out because of something the book says. You can't manage the playoffs by the book. This loss is on Girardi's head."

Yes, recriminations all around for Girardi: The Daily News' Mike Lupica writes in the 11th inning, "Now here came Joe Girardi to do some bad managing, at a bad time, on a day when his team could have gone up three games to none on the Angels," while the Post's Mike Vaccaro notes Girardi's been doing this all season, "Time after time, game after game, Girardi seemed hell-bent on turning the Yankees into a Little League team, making sure everyone got to play every night. It was harrowing sometimes. It was breathtaking. And it had worked: every lever Girardi pulled, every button he pushed, every switch he flicked. All of it."

Still, another fan looked on the bright side of the situation, telling NY1 he was glad he could watch the loss at the stadium, "The real New York fans are here. You know the real New York fans are here, so this is outstanding. I really dig it man."