Some 2 million pets and other animals travel by commercial airline each year, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. And considering how much airlines charge for the service, it all amounts to big business for the industry. But how much should it cost to take your pet with you on a flight? One area woman is up in arms after realizing that her cat's ticket to fly from New York to Virginia actually cost more than her own ticket!

Rosario Gonzalez tells Fox 5 that she paid U.S. Airways $100 each way to fly with her 4-pound kitten, Tiramisu, on a recent trip to Virginia. Gonzalez's round trip ticket was only $177. And precious Tiramisu didn't even get a seat! Gonzalez wonders why children under the age of 2 can fly for free, when it's "going to require a lot more work to have a child on board. I don't know how much work a kitten could give an airline." Cats don't scream and kick your seat, and they can come in handy on flights, like in that Garfield episode where he pilots a flight to Alaska.

Some airlines charge even more than U.S. Airways, and you can pay up to $300 to carry your pet roundtrip. For more on the process of bringing your motherf*&king pets on a motherf*&king plane, check out this informative report.