After the rich folk who reside at the chic, Richard Meier-designed 1 Grand Army Plaza dodge the rat army, they can't even enjoy peace and quiet thanks to the

frat house

synagogue next door. 1 GAP's board is suing Union Temple because of the incessant, "pounding music throughout the night" from the people that pay to rent out their Grand Ballroom. An attorney for the condo board claims that the noise has been registered as being "eight times the legal limit," and "it literally blasts the entire building" with "raucous, loud parties that went quite late." Hmm, we'd never thought of converting until now...

An attorney for the synagogue tells the Post that they've been allowing groups to throw events at the hall "for the last 20 years without a complaint." Not true, according to 1GAP's condo board president Dennis Sughrue, who claims that they attempted to "negotiate quietly" with the temple, but "they basically gave us the back of their hand." Maybe they should have negotiated louder, and to a funky beat, despite that old adage. The complaint states that Union Temple "created and perpetuated this noise-related nuisance in callous disregard" of the people of 1 GAP. "I think we've made the point that we won't be messed with," Sughrue says. We've contacted Union Temple for comment and are awaiting a response.