A Yankees fan from New Jersey is filing a $5 million class action suit over some seats from the old Yankee stadium he bought as a souvenir. John Lefkus spent the best 23 seasons of his life rooting for the Yankees from section M11, Row A, seats one and two, and after the Team moved to a new stadium, Lefkus decided to buy his old seats for $2,000. But what he actually purchased would shock him.

When the seats arrived at his New Jersey home last summer, the 52-year-old fan was dismayed to find that the original blue paint had been replaced with a different shade of blue. And it gets worse! The armrests were different. A betrayed Lefkus tells the Post, "I feel like the steroid stars. My seats come with an asterisk. My boys grew up in these seats from boys to teenagers to men. We had them for 23 years."

Naturally, he's suing, and the federal class action lawsuit filed against the Yankees and Steiner Sports Memorabilia seeks $5 million. But Steiner insists it made clear that the original paint would have to be stripped because of lead, and all the armrests had to be removed during that process. Owner Brandon Steiner says, "It was impossible to tag all the armrests." Furthermore, Steiner claims that after he offered Lefkus a refund, Lefkus "tried to extort me, demanding I upgrade his season tickets and get him a whole bunch of autographs." Lefkus's lawyer says Steiner is just "changing the subject."