A little boy's outing to Yankee Stadium ended in tears when another fan yelled at him during Tuesday night's game. Dan DiMarco posted video of an adult man yelling at his family, explaining on Facebook, "This man verbally attacked my 4 yr old developmentally delayed son and called him 'retarded' at yankee game and yankee staff did nothing!"

Angelica DiMarco spoke to News 12 about her son Luciano. According to the station, "he has sensory issues and doesn't understand social cues, which may explain why he could have acted unruly at the Yankees-Reds game Tuesday night. The developmentally disabled boy wears a helmet to stop him from banging his head."

"He may have kicked a man's seat that was sitting in front of us with excitement," Angelica DiMarco said. Recalling her son's reaction to the man's rant, "He covered his ears and started hysterically crying and shaking while Yankees security, ushers just stood there."

She added that Yankee security wasn't very helpful, "We asked for a place for him to go. We were told if we leave the stadium, we can't come back in."

"We are aware of the incident and are currently conducting an investigation," Jason Zillo, head of communications for the Yankees, told the News. "The New York Yankees have absolutely no tolerance for this type of abhorrent fan behavior."

Dan DiMarco wrote on Facebook, "We would love to thank news 12, and everyone for sharing and getting our story out there, no child should ever have to go through anything like this, we hope the NYY will enforce their own policies and become more disability friendly."