The family of 8 year old Amber Sadiq, who was killed by a runaway school bus in May, will file a wrongful death lawsuit against the city. An 8 year old boy, T. James, who had been reprimanded repeatedly by the school and sent home had released the brakes of the empty bus, causing it to careen towards Amber and her brother, Umar. According to the Daily News, the lawsuit will ask for millions in damages for the little's girl death on a Brooklyn street, as well as damages for Umar who had to see his sister die on their way home from school. The notice of claim included charges of the city's "negligence for failing to secure the school bus, hiring incompetent workers and failing to supervise the troubled 8-year-old boy." What's interesting is that home suspensions are illegal, which would make PS 161's decision to send James home questionable.

There had been some talk of charging the 8 year old in Sadiq's death, but even the Sadiq family did not want that to happen.