The family of the motorcyclist who was pinned under a car after an accident in Brooklyn wants police to launch an investigation into the circumstances of his botched rescue. "We don't care about a lawsuit. We just want to know the truth," said Karam Rampersaud's brother, Ramon.

Rampersaud, a 21-year-old City College student, was in a collision with a Ford Taurus on Thursday morning in East New York while on his way to classes. While first responders were trying to lift the car off of him, the car accidentally slipped off its jack and landed on him. NYPD officials said that both departments had put wooden chocks in place to avoid hitting him; and an NYPD source told the Post that Rampersaud had already "sustained life-threatening injuries."

But eye witnesses have contradicted the NYPD's assurance that chocks were in place; you can see an upsetting cell phone video of the car falling, but it's unclear whether it crushed Rampersaud, or if he was in fact protected. Ramon wants to see a videotape from a nearby movie theater for more clarity on what happened.