2006_09_chainlink.jpgLast week, a Brooklyn teenager died after being electrocuted while climbing a fence at PS 217 in Ditmas Park. Luis Rivera and friends were leaving the school's basketball courts (which had been closed) around 8PM, and when Rivera climbed the fence, he brushed up against a light fixture which was not properly "grounded" and was shocked. Now his family has filed a notice of claim to sue the Department of Education for $10 million. The DOE isn't commenting now that there's a lawsuit, but it had initially said that Rivera was trespassing and that he wasn't even a student at PS 217. NY1 reports Rivera's brother as saying, "My brother really was a very special, special person who was trying to make a change for better in his life. And the opportunity was taken from him drastically, and I just want to make sure that someone takes [responsibility] for what happened that day."

And Con Ed isn't involved in this case - the electrical fixtures are all the school's responsibility. Last week, the DOE told the Daily News that because the fixture was so high (see this picture), the problem wasn't noticed.