The family of a man who died in his sleep was so horrified by the condition of his corpse that they're suing a Bronx funeral home. The deceased, Fernando Maldonado, had various maladies at the time of his death, so an autopsy was performed to determine the exact cause. But when the wake was held at La Paz Funeral Home on June 1st, some 75 mourners were appalled to find his bluish body in a deplorable state, with a hole behind his right ear seeping blood, stains on the pillow, and wires that appeared to be autopsy sutures holding a loose flap of skin to the back of his hairline. The wake was interrupted three times as the funeral director tried to address complaints about the body's appearance, and one of the owners of La Paz blamed the corpse's condition on the medical examiner, telling CBS2, "We did the best we could." But a lawyer for Madonado's family says that if their loved one couldn't be made presentable, they should have been given the option of a closed casket. Madonado's brother says, "Everybody was shocked. Everybody kept asking 'was he killed? Was he hit in the head?'"