The family of actress-director Adrienne Shelley does not believe she killed herself. Shelley's husband Andrew Ostroy spoke to WABC 7 and said, "My wife did not herself... I'm doing everything I can, everything humanly possible to find out exactly what happened." The police tend to believe the death was a suicide (her body was found hanging from a bathroom shower rod), but some evidence at Shelley's Greenwich Village office is still being investigated. Ostroy said about their young daughter, "That little girl has to know, has to grow up knowing the truth."

The Post, which noted that Shelley's mother told the press it was "terrible" to suspect she committed suicide, had some interesting details:

Ostroy, who has a 3-year-old daughter with Shelly, was questioned by cops for nearly five hours, police sources said.

A police source said there was no history of domestic violence between the couple. Police sources also said detectives believe there was a suicide note, but that it may have been removed.

A cousin of Shelly told The Post on Thursday that she seemed happy and gave no indication she wanted to kill herself.

A source at the building where she died told The Post yesterday that he was the last person to see her alive. He agreed she did not look suicidal.

"She was happy, really happy," said the man. "We talked for a bit about Halloween mostly. I said 'How was your Halloween?' She said 'It was great, I took my daughter [Sophie] trick-or-treating. She was Cinderella.' "

The police are waiting for the ME's office to release the toxicology report.