The weekend's almost over—did you take care of that thing? Did you accomplish some stuff? If not, don't feel bad, because all Donald Trump has done for the last 48 hours is insult the grieving parents of a fallen American Army veteran.

In an interview with ABC News, the GOP presidential candidate tried to respond to Khizr Khan, who, with his wife Ghazala, stood at the DNC podium last week and railed against Trump's proposed ban on Muslim immigrants and his insistence that he alone can keep America safe. "You have sacrificed nothing and no one," Khizr Khan said last Thursday, to which Trump replied that he's made sacrifices by profiting off the construction of skyscrapers.

"Who wrote that? Did Hillary's scriptwriters write it?" Trump asked aloud of Khizr Khan's speech. Khizr Khan's son Humayun, a U.S. Army captain, was killed in 2004 by a suicide car-bomber in Iraq. "I think I've made a lot of sacrifices. I work very, very hard," Trump continued. "I've created thousands and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs, built great structures. I've had tremendous success. I think I've done a lot."

In conversation with ABC's George Stephanopoulos, and again with the NY Times, Trump also intimated that Khizr Khan's wife, who stood by her husband but did not address the DNC, wasn't allowed to speak because Islam forbids it.

Responding to Trump's interview, Khizr Khan told the Washington Post that, "this is faked empathy," and described the billionaire's attacks on his wife as "typical of a person without a soul."

Ghazala Khan also decried Trump's feckless remarks. "I don't think he knows the meaning of sacrifice," she said in a videotaped statement yesterday. "When I was standing there, all America felt my pain without saying a single word. Everybody felt that pain, but I don't know why he missed that."

"Please, Mr. Trump, feel that pain and you will be better [at] understanding me," she added.

"He's not worthy of our comments," Khizr Khan said. "He has no decency. He is void of decency, he has a dark heart."

The Thin-Skinned One then tried to brush off the Khans' remarks by yelling on Twitter about RADICAL ISLAM.

Ghazala Khan also published a full op-ed in the Washington Post today, in which she reminisces on her son's bravery and his dreams of becoming a lawyer.

The last time I spoke to my son was on Mother’s Day 2004. We had asked him to call us collect whenever he could. I begged him to be safe. I asked him to stay back, and not to go running around trying to become a hero, because I knew he would do something like that.

He said, “Mom, these are my soldiers, these are my people. I have to take care of them.” He was killed by a car bomber outside the gates of his base. He died trying to save his soldiers and innocent civilians.

That is my son. Humayun was always dependable. If I was vacuuming the house and he was home, he would take the vacuum from my hand and clean the house. He volunteered to teach disabled children in the hospital how to swim. He said, “I love when they have a little bit of progress and their faces, they light up. At least they are that much happy.” He wanted to be a lawyer, like his father, to help people.

It goes without saying that attacking the remorse and patriotic values of a veteran's family doesn't promise much in the way of political points. A savvier Trump would probably target New York billionaires and leave it at that.