Last summer two young men died on Staten Island after a military-style breath holding exercise went terribly wrong. Now the family of one of the men is suing the city over the freak accident.

Last July the lifeless bodies of Bodhan Vitenko and Jonathan Proce, both 21, were pulled out of a Staten Island public pool where the pair reportedly liked to work out, and practice holding their breath, in the hopes of one day joining the Air Force's pararescue unit. There were about 20 other people in the pool at the time. Vitenko was declared dead soon after being removed from the water while Proce went into a coma and died a week later.

Now Vitenko's family is suing the city for letting the pair practice such a "dangerous activity" in an "open and obvious" fashion in the pool—which is 3 1/2' deep all at all points. At the time of the accident it was reported that the pair had been doing the exercises each morning in the pool for weeks. The city Law Department has not yet responded to an e-mail regarding the suit.