Earlier this month, a Manhattan man was fatally struck by a street sweeper at the corner of Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues in Brooklyn, and now his family says they want to know how such an accident could have happened.

Cops say Ronald Sinvil, 36, slipped and fell in front of an NYC sanitation sweeper by the Barclays Center at about 1 a.m. on December 15, and was later pronounced dead at Kings County Hospital. But Sinvil's sister, Marlene Darbouze, says the family is looking for witnesses to help explain how the slow-moving sanitation vehicle could have hit him, and are suing the city for accidental death. "It makes no sense," she told the Daily News.

Sinvil lived in Manhattan with his mother and daughter, on West 99th St between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue, and was reportedly on his way to his girlfriend's apartment in Brooklyn after a Christmas party. His family members aren't the only people looking for answers, with local residents also calling the accident into question: "It's weird. Sweepers are so loud and slow—the guy couldn't have been surprised by it," Nick Schultz, a 24 year-old web developer who lives in the area, told the Post. The Sanitation department says the incident is still under investigation and sweeper driver James Galvin has not been charged.