As the Internal Affairs investigation on Officer Andrew Kelly and the potential police coverup of his DWI crash continues, yesterday the accident's victim, Vionique Valnord, was laid to rest inside her preacher father's Brooklyn church. Hundreds of friends and family gathered at the Church of God in Marine Park to pay their final respects. Her brother-in-law said, "We don't know how to feel. Sad, mad, but we are happy that we are able to send Veronica to the Lord. We will see her again one day."

The family tried to focus on paying tribute to Valnord for the day and not getting wrapped up in the details of the ongoing investigation, where another officer has been suspended for giving Officer Kelly gum in order to cover up the smell of alcohol on his breath. The family spokesperson said, "We're not paying attention about that. Right now, we're just concentrating on our beloved loved one." But not all of Valonord's loved ones could hold back yesterday, with one family friend telling the News, "I don't know why there is a coverup. The first officer on the scene smelled alcohol on his breath. If it was a regular person, he would be arrested right then and there."