The architect severely injured when 14,000 pounds of steel fell from a crane and on top of a construction trailer at a lower Manhattan site was moved out of the intensive care unit yesterday. Robert Woo, who had been working on the Goldman Sachs headquarters project on Murray Street, had been inside the trailer when the debris fell and trapped inside last Friday.

Woo underwent surgery on Sunday to insert pins into his back. According to the Daily News, Woo hasn't been able to move his legs from the knees down. Doctors have been telling his family he may never walk again, but his brother told the News, "The doctors are saying that it's still too early to tell, they're telling us that we should be prepared that he won't walk again - but I don't accept that...We're preparing for the worst and hoping for the best."

Woo, described as an "avid cyclist" who is married with 6-month-old and 2-year-old sons (they haven't seen him since the accident); his brother said he's in lot of pain but also said that "he wants to thank the workers who came to his aid so fast. He's so thankful for that." Judging from the photographs, it's amazing he's alive.

Construction has continued on the Goldman Sachs headquarters building after the Department of Buildings issued a number of violations which contractor Tishman addressed.