Or is it Ellen DeGenerous? A Bronx mom wrote to the talk show host, who held a Dough-vember contest, about her troubles: Rozina Pijuan was out of work since she was studying to be a radiology technician. And even though she moved in with her mother, Pijuan couldn't afford Metrocards and had to walk her two boys to school and walk to her own school, adding that she did get her license, in hopes of some day getting a car. On Tuesday, DeGeneres surprised Pijuan with a gift of a GMC Terrain SUV, a year's worth of Metrocards for herself and her kids, and "$10,000: $1,000 to cover gas, $2,000 to buy the kids Christmas gifts, $5,000 to pay off their debt and an additional $2,000 for good measure." The show will air next Wednesday at 4 p.m. on NBC.