Photographs of the West 25th Street building where Ashley Alexandra Dupre, aka "Kristen" the prostitute, lives by Seth Wenig/AP

News that Governor Spitzer's high-class escort "Kristen" is a 22-year-old who grew up on the Jersey shore named Ashley Alexandra Dupre has captivated the media. They are camped outside of her Flatiron-area apartment on West 25th Street (one commenter lamented the news crews were preventing him to get to his CVS!) for a glimpse of the aspiring singer whose only comment, so far, has been to the NY Times: “I just don’t want to be thought of as a monster. This has been a very difficult time. It is complicated."

2008_03_kristen2.jpgSince Dupre isn't really talking, the media is going for anyone connected to her. Her brother, Kyle Youmans, told reporters outside his NJ home, "I love my sister, and I can't make a comment." He also offered to the Post, "I love her. I am by her side. I found out from her. The family is supporting her. She is fine." And a high school classmate said, "She was never slutty. She would date older guys, but it wasn't like she was running around sleeping with everyone."

Two friends, rappers named Logan and Mysterious, told the Daily News, "She's a sweet person. She's a good person. She's friendly. She's outgoing," and wanted to let her know "You know we got your back. You're our little sister." They also appeared on the Today Show and relayed a story about Dupre saving food for a homeless person:

As the media - and public - is eager for more information on Dupre, the Sun reports sex worker advocates are worried about Dupre being "dragged into the scandal and subjected to public humiliation." They say there needs to be legislation to protect sex workers' rights; Sex Workers Action New York advocacy group said, "Every single sex worker, regardless of whether they're working on the street or at the Mayflower Hotel, faces discrimination and oppression in our society."

NY Times op-ed columnist Nicholas D. Kristof's column mentions how Spitzer "buttonholed me because he wanted credit for passage of a tough state law against sex trafficking. Frankly, he deserves credit, for the law took the innovative step of cracking down on johns by increasing penalties." Kristof also points out that decriminalizing prostitution in other countries has led to the trafficking of underage girls.