48-year-old Calixta Guerrero was in her underwear in her Washington Heights apartment around 6 a.m. yesterday when police started pounding on the door. She told them she needed a moment to cover up, but cops shouted, "Open the f-----g door, right now!" So Guerrero complied, and was promptly forced to the floor and handcuffed. Good morning!

DEA agents, backed by a federal search warrant to raid the apartment, believed that it was the home of Carlos Ruiz, a boss in the Trinitarios gang. While cops and agents were tossing Guerro's apartment, Ruiz was actually being arrested at the same time, just a quarter mile away, by agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Guerrero's 19-year-old daughter Suriel was home at the time; she tells the Daily News, "They had big guns in front of our faces, and I'm screaming, 'It's just me and my mom. We don't know this guy.'" The snafu is probably explained by the fact that Ruiz used to live just a few doors down from Guerrero in the same building, according to his lawyer.

While tossing the apartment (which got pretty trashed, as seen in the News photo), cops reportedly took the time to laugh and leer at photos of Guerrero and her daughter in bikinis, found stored on their computer. But hey, at least "when they left, they said they were sorry," Suriel says.