The 2-year-old Brooklyn girl who was declared brain-dead last week after her stepfather allegedly violently shook her is still on life-support, because family members have been fighting over whether they should donate her organs or bury them with her.

According to police, Thaiya Spruill-Smith, 2, was shaken so brutally by stepfather David Adams, 25, last week that she slipped into a coma on Thursday morning, with doctors officially declaring her brain-dead on Friday evening. Adams, who had reportedly been abusing Thaiya for months, was charged with assault and is expected to be charged with her murder once she is taken off life support and an autopsy is conducted.

Yesterday, though, a judge ruled that Thaiya could be kept on life support for an extra day, because of a conflict between her parents over her organs. Her mother, 24-year-old Teoka Spruill, has asked that her organs be donated to other children, while her father, 26-year-old Terrell Smith, wants her to be buried with them. Adams is currently married to Spruill. "She should have no say over my daughter," Smith told the Daily News this week. "My daughter is here because of her."

Smith told the Times that he had suspected Adams was abusing his daughter, and had previously filed a formal complaint with the city. Smith claims he had been trying to obtain custody over Thaiya, and was arrested earlier this year for refusing to bring her back to her mother for four weeks following a weekend visitation.

Spruill and Smith will return to court today. The Times reports that if the family cannot reach a consensus about Thaiya's organs, the donation will not go forward.