2007_05_smpizza.jpgMore reactions and details about the men who authorities say were planning a terrorist attack on Fort Dix in NJ are emerging. Jennifer Marino, the Brooklyn-born wife of suspect Dritan Duka, spoke to the Post and said, "He works as a roofer all day long. He comes home tired and then he takes the kids to the park. I don't know when he would have had time to plan this. I believe he was set up. Everything they are saying is not true."

Marino, who first met her husband when they were teenagers, also said of his friends-fellow suspects, "He's known them for a while, but we haven't seen them in so long. Serdar got married and he was doing his own thing in Philadelphia with his wife. I know Mohamad worked a lot, too, with his father driving a cab. He's a good kid, too

The NY Times spoke to a number of family members of the suspects, including Muslim Tatar, the father of suspect Serdar Tatar, who authorities claimed used his job as a delivery man for his father's pizzeria as a way to access to Fort Dix. Muslim Tatar denied his son took a map from the pizzeria to scope out Fort Dix and said Fort Dix had become a customer in the past three months and that his son hadn't worked for him in year: "I’m not a religious person. I don’t want my son to be a religious person, but he was a religious person.”

The Star-Ledger looks at how homegrown terrorism is little-understood and profiles Fort Dix, which has 16,000 people daily. A spokeswoman for Fort Dix said of food delivery drivers, who do not need background checks, only a valid driver's license, "Everything related to security is always under review. Nothing is ever static."

And it turns out the employee who alerted the FBI about the plot is actually a Circuit City employee at the Mount Laurel branch. The media has been camped out there, but none of the employees are talking.

Photograph of SuperMario's Italian Cuisine & Steak House, owned by Muslim Tatar, by Mel Evans/AP