John F. Kennedy Airport's Terminal 1 was evacuated yesterday when the bomb detection machines noted the presence of explosives on a piece of luggage that was left behind. It turned out that the owner of the luggage worked in construction and had access to explosives (for "legitimate" reasonsas the wire reports say), and there were trace amounts on the luggage. He was at JFK for a connecting flight to Paris; he made the flight, the bag didn't, and 800 people were evacuated and nine flights were delayed. Let that be a lesson to all airlines: Get the bags on the planes with the passengers!

The NYPD says that bomb sniffing dogs were brought to the scene. Bomb sniffing dogs are some of Gothamist's favorite kind of dogs; it's a shame that the police officers won't let us pet them, for fear we're contaminate their sensitive olfactory nerves.