Last month a judge ordered Google to reveal the e-mail and IP address of the person behind the Skanks in NYC blog, a Blogger site (owned by Google) dedicated to trashing former model Liskula Cohen. Now, besides the blogger's lawsuit against Google for unmasking her, the company has to defend itself against yet another skank-inspired court filing. Holiday Image, a Queens company that creates Christmas displays, is suing Google to identify an impostor who sent a defamatory e-mail to its biggest client, the Gap. The lawsuit says someone opened a Gmail account under the name of Holiday Image's CEO, Matthew Schwam, and e-mailed Gap, badmouthing the retailer's employees as "airhead California people" who are "in they're [sic] own little world." The e-mail also said Holiday Image cheated Gap out of $100,000, and was being investigated by the IRS. It's unclear why an individual pretending to be Schwam would conclude the e-mail by writing, "There are other moral and un-criminal vendors out there. Explore your options!" But Holiday Image wants a preliminary injunction preventing Google from deleting any records related to the Gmail account, so that it can sue the e-mailer for defamation.