The story that two men in an argument fell in an empty elevator shaft is disturbing enough: Two men fell three flights in a Midtown office building, one landing on top of the elevator car, the other wedged in between the wall of the shaft and the wall of the elevator car. But the Times says they were arguing about counterfeit CDs. The Times has more details on the rescue, which sounds like the first action sequence of Speed: An emergency service unit told the Times, "We made our way up to the second floor. We had to force entry of the elevator doors there, and we slid down the cables." The police also said that if there were counterfeit CDs involved, the men would be charged. For now, the two men are in the hospital. The moral: Crime doesn't pay. Addiontal moral: Check to make sure there's an elevator car when the elevator doors open.

There was the infamous episode of L.A. Law where Rosalind fell down an elevator shaft to her death; many think that's when the show jumped the shark.