Even though scaffolding is annoying because you can't see signs, it's not well-lit when you're walking through at night, dog and human pee smells much worse in it, sometimes Gothamist thinks scaffolding is all right. Usually it's when we hear stories like the bricks falling from the facade of the Days Inn on Eighth Avenue and 49th Street yesterday. Luckily, only two people suffered minor injuries - lucky because basically enough bricks to fill a 20 foot by 20 foot area of the wall fell. A firefighter said of the two women, "They are very lucky to be alive." With worries about terrorist attacks, hotel guests and workers in the area thought the worst; one said, "It sounded like an explosion, it was so loud." The NYPD and FDNY shut down the street, which caused some traffic issues last night. The Days Inn will most likely be fined.