2007_06_noblame.jpgThe family of Daniel Pujdak, the firefighter who fell to his death while responding to a Brooklyn fire Thursday evening, does not blame anyone for the fire. The fire was caused by a cigarette left on a window sill of a loft building that had been illegally converted to residential living.

Pujdak's brother David said, "It was just a tragic accident. Nobody is to blame," while his other brother Matt said, "I agree completely. It doesn't matter, all of that. He was doing his job. It's a firefighter's job to go in, whether the building was legal or illegal. The outcome is still the same."

Pujdak's family went to his home in Fresh Meadows, Queens; his father Leo asked a police officer to watch over a prayer candle outside the house and also said, "If someone can please keep the candle lit at all times, I'd really appreciate it."

Evergreen Funeral Home has visitation hours today and tomorrow, while the procession and funeral mass will be at St. Cecilia RC Parish on Tuesday. More information here.