The Perfect Storm, the book and the movie, were both named after an intense Atlantic storm that happened twenty years ago this weekend. Meteorologists refer to perfect storms when several weather conditions combine to form a much more intense storm than any of those conditions could have produced acting separately. There's a storm in the forecast over the next few days but it is going to be more like the very, very imperfect storm. A cold front will pass through the region tonight. The air near the ground is nowhere near saturation, so even though the radar might show rain, those little raindrops are mostly evaporating before they hit the ground.

A low pressure system is expected to form along the cold front once it moves out to sea. That will make for a cloudy, rainy, windy and cool day as the storm deepens and draws in cooler air. In fact, Thursday's high is going to happen around midnight tonight. Because of the easterly winds the temperature will hold steady or slowly fall from the mid 50s at midnight to upper 40s by tomorrow afternoon. Believe it or not higher elevations north and west of the city may, just may, see more solid precipitation mixed in with the rain.

Thursday night will be brisk as the storm begins to move away and the winds kick up to 15-20 mph. That will lead to a cool and dry Friday with a high in the lower 50s. We've got nothing to say about Saturday's forecast other than it looks like there will be precipitation and the high will only reach the mid 40s.