2005_11_noreaster.jpgRecently, everytime Gothamist says it is going to rain it hasn't rained. So it is with great trepidation that we say it is going to rain tonight. The rain has already made it to Sandy Hook, so maybe we'll get this one right. A classic nor'easter is coming up the coast this week. The rain should start soon and will be heavy overnight. You may hear some thunder. It is going to take a while for the cold air to arrive, so we won't see any snow in the city. When the cold air gets here tomorrow night it will do so on the back of a fierce wind. Get out the wind chill charts!

Wednesday should be cool but otherwise unremarkable. Things go downhill on Thanksgiving Day when our second storm of the week, this time an Alberta Clipper out of, uh, Alberta, rushes through. The parade is likely to be cold and wet with rain and snow. More importantly it is bringing cold air. Cold, cold air. Temperatures will not get much above 40 for several days. Will this weekend's weather mark the return of winter? Maybe not here in the city, but AccuWeather is predicting 2-3 feet of snow upstate, where this Gothamist is headed for our turkey dinner.

Storm graphic from AccuWeather.com