The autumnal equinox is early Sunday morning, but the weather is not paying attention to the Earth's orbital position with respect to the Sun. Summer-like temperatures are here today, tomorrow, next week! Yes, the weekend weather is going to be as sweet as a sugarcube. The National Weather Service has the warmest forecast for the next few days so we'll go with them. Expect highs in the low-80s today, creeping up to the mid-80s tomorrow, before falling again to around 80 for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. and AccuWeather think it will be a couple degrees cooler than that each day.

It seems to Gothamist that the Weather Service has often had a warm bias to their forecast this summer but we think their forecast is spot on this time. The high pressure system that has controlled our weather all week is reluctant to relinquish that control. Now well out to sea, the winds that flow clockwise out from that system are now pumping warm air northward from the Gulf of Mexico. With a jet stream that's staying way north of here that adds up to several more days of unseasonably mild weather. No rain or cool weather is expected until next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Next week's rain is likely to be partially from the low pressure system that currently getting organized in the Gulf of Mexico. It's not clear that the system will spin up into Tropical Storm Jerry, but it is likely that the storm will move toward northwestward toward Louisiana and Alabama before recurving northeastward.

Last night's sunset, tonight's should be good, too, by a shamelessly self-promoting Gothamist staff person.