Look outside, this is what happens when a twisty thing meteorologists like to call a vorticity max runs over the top of a surface high pressure system. The vorticity max wants the atmosphere to come out and play but the air under the dome of high pressure is too cool, dry, and nebbishy to join the fun. The stalemate means a mix of sun, clouds and light showers for the rest of today. The Weather Service has been running warm on their temperature forecasts this week so we prefer the Weather Channel's high near 61.

Grab your snuggie as tonight's low should dip below 50 degrees. The vorticity will be gone by tomorrow which means the sun will reappear. It won't warm the city any as there's plenty of cool air associated with this high pressure system. With clear skies and light winds the temperature is going to plummet into the 30s in the suburbs on Friday morning. The urban heat island will keep the city's low up around 50 degrees.

It currently looks like rain will arrive on Friday afternoon and stick around through at least Saturday. There's an outside chance that Sunday will be dry.