When news came in that thousands of signal inspections had been faked by MTA workers for a while, possibly putting straphangers at risk of a dangerous collision, we were at least pleased to hear that Signal Department supervisor Tracy Bowdwin had resigned (or was demoted, depending on whom you talk to). Burn it down and start over, right? Well, according to the Post, NYC Transit general superintendent Alan Doran has been promoted to senior officer despite having overseen faulty subway-signal inspections 10 years ago. Unfortunately, we can't say we're surprised.

An IG report says that while Dolan was a superintendent overseeing the 14th Street signal stop in 1999, half of the mandatory backup inspections were not completed and Dolan specifically told workers to conduct only visual inspections "at the sacrifice of other scheduled signal tests." The Post also reports six other maintenance supervisors are still on the job despite being caught faking reports in 2000.

Workers claim they were pressured to produce numbers on par with federal standards, even if they couldn't fully inspect every signal. The subway signals keep a safe distance between the trains, preventing unnecessary delays or crashes. The MTA insists all the signals have been rechecked and are safe, and previously said in a statement, “We have changed the leadership of the signals division."