Human resources manager Rebecca Thybulle desperately needed a vacation, but her boss at the Children's Home Intervention Program on Staten Island wouldn't give her any time off. So prosecutors say she came up with a foolproof plan: alter her father's jury summons so her name appeared instead, and use it as an excuse to take a week off. The beauty of this plan was its simplicity, and Thybulle would have gotten away with it too, if she hadn't left the evidence on her desk. Or chatted about her trip to Baltimore on Facebook.

Thybulle was arrested Tuesday when she returned to the office after her eight days off; she had told her boss she was on a vehicular homicide case, but investigators say she quickly confessed, telling them, "I needed to take some personal time off. My boss would not allow me to without a good excuse, and even then would badger you about it." On October 15th, her second day off on "jury duty," she used Facebook to declare, "Bmore bound!!!" Meanwhile, back at the office, prosecutors say there was a sheet of paper showing all of the necessary changes to switch the summons left on her desk.

Thybulle is charged with second-degree forgery and second-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument, and faces up to 14 years in prison if convicted. The Post—which mysteriously scrapped its first and best headline "Gal in Deep 'duty'"—reports that she's also waiting to be sentenced for attempted grand larceny, which stemmed from her theft of about $6,400 from Coffee Shop, where she had worked as payroll manager with a side business diverting checks to her own back account. She was also was convicted in 2002 of embezzling nearly $28,000 from a Poughkeepsie home for the elderly! It looks like it may be time for Thybulle, who's now 32 years old, to take stock of herself and face the hard truth that she just isn't cut out to be a criminal.