We were happy to read in the NY Post that the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation turned down a $30,000 donation from National Collector's Mint. The WTC Memorial Foundation said, "We weren't comfortable [with the donations] because of the history," proving that even though the foundation needs donors, no one wants money from horrible companies trying to profit from the tragedy.

NCM is the company behind those horrible ads offering coins made from silver "found under tons" of Ground Zero debris. The company has offered two different kinds of September 11 coins: One of Freedom Tower (which was fined by then Attorney General Spitzer for claiming to be pure silver) and more recently, a 2001-2006 Commemorative Coin, which has a WTC skyline that pops out. Yes, exactly.

And the Post says the cost to build Freedom Tower is now around $3 billion, because of $507 million in "non-construction" costs, like "integrity monitors to keep an eye on contractors."