[UPDATE BELOW] It's so important to diversify your portfolio. With a police sketch of his likeness taped to brownstone stoops throughout the West Village, the fake deliveryman suspected in a string of home invasion robberies has apparently taken his act back uptown. Yesterday afternoon, a nanny entering a West 81st Street apartment with a 5-month-old boy was followed into the building by the suspect, who was carrying a pile of packages. Once inside, he brandished a knife and forced his way into the apartment.

Police sources say he tied up the nanny but did not otherwise harm her or the child. He then absconded with a laptop and other valuables. The shaken mother tells the Post, "My nanny had a knife to her throat! He took a lot of stuff -- most importantly, our laptop and hard drive. We weren't ready for it. I mean, who organizes their life around preventing a burglary?"

Yesterday's robbery was the sixth in a series that began October 8th, mostly in the West Village and most unfolding without violence. On Monday, a 79-year-old woman was struck in the face when she answered the door.

UPDATE: The NYPD thinks they caught the guy. One victim pointed out 52-year-old William Rodriguez out of a photo lineup; sources tell the Post he has 17 prior arrests, including one in 1988 for attempting to shoot a NYPD officer. Cops arrested Rodriguez in a Bronx hotel on Davidson Avenue today.