If there's one person who "won" Weinergate, it was conservative reporter Andrew Breitbart, who was proven to have been right about his allegations regarding Anthony Weiner's sextual exploits. Not that it was always easy for him: before Weiner's announcement, he was accused of perpetrating a giant hoax, and after, he was criticized for pulling a Kanye during Weiner's initial press conference. But it seems Breitbart's instincts were generally right-on during the saga: it turns out there were a number of people who created fake Twitter accounts in order to gather more damning info on Weiner, which Brietbart refused to publish.

Several Twitter users approached the conserviate group #bornfreecrew after the Weiner scandal first broke, offering evidence of Weiner sexting with underage girls. Mediaite reveals the whole confusing story in a long post, but in essence: one Twitter user using a fake name posed as a 16-year-old California girl in May and tried to get Weiner to be her prom date; another person with a fake Twitter name claimed to be her classmate, and also purported that she had incriminating evidence. There is evidence that neither girl every existed, and that the hoaxers fashioned an elaborate ruse, which included fake documentation (fake ID) of one of the girls' identity.

In addition, the fake Tweeters tried to befriend several of the real women Weiner had been sexting with, including college student Gennette Cordova, the 17-year-old Delaware high schooler, and porn star Ginger Lee. Cordova told the Times that she saw through the ruse quickly, especially because the fake girl didn't have a Facebook page, and because she made lots of references to "The O.C." as her favorite TV show... even though it'd been off the air for over four years. “There is no way this girl is in high school. No way,” she said.

At the end of the day, it's important to laud Breitbart for not grabbing the erroneous, low-hanging fruit, despite his diva-antics and the fact he was harshly attacked for his initial allegations. No one needed any fake Twitterers to bring down Weiner—he did plenty fine ruining his political career on his own.