An envelope filled with a white powder was delivered to former President Bill Clinton's West 125th Street office, causing the two floors of the building to be shut down yesterday afternoon. Most of the building was evacuated, but eleven people were quaratined as the police, fire department, FBI, Secret Service and Homeland Secuirty descended to the scene. A source told the Daily News, "An aide opened the envelope, and she went ballistic," when white powder fell from the manila envelope. It turns out the white powder was non-toxic and harmless, but the envelope did have a "rambling diatribe" inside.

Clinton wasn't present because he was having birthday celebration fun at the Gramercy Park Hotel. The NY Times has an article about how he's raising lots of money and hobnobbing with the people who donate. For instance, people who contributed $100,000 or raised $250,000 get to have brunch with with the Clintons (even Chelsea) at Pastis today!

Photograph of a Homeland Security vehicle outside President Clinton's Harlem office by David Karp/AP