A 33-year-old New Jersey man who claimed he was a Victoria's Secret shop owner is under arrest after he allegedly raped a 15-year-old Brooklyn girl he met through a Craigslist ad she put online looking for work. He reportedly tricked her into signing a "sex contract" before raping her and threatened to go after her great-grandmother for breach of contract if she didn't put out.

Police say that Gregory John Schaffer, of Bayonne, NJ, found his victim from an ad looking for part-time work. He asked her to come meet him at an office in Jersey City, which she did—smartly bringing a friend along. So Schaffer—who among other scams appears to have tried to pass himself off as a former Navy SEAL, despite being tossed out of the military—simply asked her to come back the next day, alone, to start work. Which she did.

When the girl returned, according to court papers, he asked her to sign an employment contract and a confidentiality agreement, then allegedly explained to the teen that she had actually signed a "sex contract" and "threatened to report her boyfriend for having sex with an underage girl and said he would sue the victim’s great-grandmother for breach of contract if she refused."

Prosecutors say Schaffer made his victim try on lingerie and a bathing suit for photos (in which he also posed—in a speedo) and then forced her to have sex with him on an office desk. Despite promising she wouldn't, the girl eventually told her boyfriend, and he quickly reported Schaffer to the police. Authorities who raided the grifter's office reportedly found photos of naked or bathing-suit clad girls, as well as cameras, employment applications, condoms, sex toys and handcuffs.

Schaffer is being held without bail.