UPDATE: It was probably just Danceteria's old time capsule.

A "suspicious package" alert prompted a brief evacuation in Flatiron this afternoon, and though the NYPD has since deemed the package safe, it did look quite a bit like an old-timey missile. For future reference, New Yorkers, please leave your vintage missiles and/or time capsules inside where they are safe.

Police were alerted to reports of a "suspicious package" on 21st Street at a construction site between 5th and 6th Avenues shortly after 1 p.m. this afternoon. The block was shut down, and a few buildings were reportedly evacuated:

The NYPD told Gothamist the package was quickly deemed safe, which is good news indeed. But it's easy to see why people were running scared—photos of the scene show something ripped right out of The Day The Earth Stood Still:

I mean....


It appears the faux-missile might be a time capsule, though it's unclear how or why this thing ended up on the block.

Police have since reported the area all-clear. We'll update if and when more time capsule-related information becomes available.