So that suspected kidnapping of the couple in Washington Heights that turned out to be a prank for a surprise birthday getaway? Apparently these chuckleheads were inspired by the scene in Old School where the fraternity pledges are kidnapped. Let's compare the videos, okay?

Here's the surveillance footage from last Friday:

And here's the scene in Old School:

Witnesses in Washington Heights were alarmed by the couple's screams—plus the men chasing the couple, the speeding van, and the guy in the car wearing a mask. But one of the "victims" mother told the Post, “They kept talking about, ‘Let’s do it like the movie ‘Old School!’ It was really very innocent. Then, when it was all over the media, they were shocked."

DeJesus’ daughter Melody, 29, spearheaded the plan to abduct her boyfriend, Cristian Joe...

The plan was set in motion when Joe, a software developer who turned 30 March 26, learned that Melody and other pals from St. John’s University were preparing a surprise party for him.

To “throw him off,” DeJesus and five others plotted to snatch Joe and DeJesus off the streets of Washington Heights, where she has an apartment, sources said.

Joe’s investment-banker roommate Hamlet Pena, 29, rented a black 2010 Town and Country minivan, sources said. And the pals rented a house in Lake Harmony, Pa., for the weekend.

At around 7 p.m. Friday, Joe and DeJesus, who was carrying two heavy bags, were walking along Haven Avenue near West 173rd Street when a minivan zoomed up and two men popped out.

The cops confirmed these birthday extremists' stories via emails and polygraph tests. Joe told the Post, "It was all pretty exciting. I’m not really willing to talk about it right now. I’m just going to try to relax for the rest of the day."