Yesterday, the police arrested a Brooklyn man who posed as a livery cab driver for two rapes in the past year, including one that occurred last Wednesday. Ryan Frison, described as 41 years old and 400 pounds, faces rape, robbery and unlawful imprisonment charges.

Last week, a Long Island University student called Frison's "unlicensed" livery cab business and asked for a ride from Brooklyn to Baltimore. When he arrived with a friend, he picked her up and, per the Post, "allegedly drove her to an alley and forced her to strip." The friend, Harry Johnson, took ID from her purse before getting dropped off. Then Frison took her to his girlfriend's apartment where he threated her with a knife, raped her, and held her there for hours. Then he made her withdraw money from her ATM before dropping her off at LIU (the Daily News reports she begged him to leave her there).

According to the NY Times, the police had just matched DNA from a June rape to Frison (because of prior weapons arrests) last month, and when the victim in last week's attack came forward, they realized the description of the assailant matched Frison.