fakebadge.jpgThe five men who identified themselves as police before bursting into a Cypress Hills, Brooklyn home demanding to know "Where are the drugs?" were actually just thieves. WABC's Eyewitness News is reporting that the five men were dressed in police-type clothing, with one actually wearing a bulletproof vest and wielding a gun. They tied up two female residents and pistol whipped a man as they ransacked the home. An infant lying in a crib was not disturbed by the intruders.

Having restrained the home's residents, the thieves took their time going through the place on Eldert Lane. After a half hour, they left in a dark blue Chevy Impala, which is the same model as some NYPD vehicles. NY1 reports that when police arrived on the scene after a report of a robbery, they found the residents tied up. According to WABC, the fake cops made off with $5,000, a VCR, jewelry, and a camera. Police who searched the house after the robbery said there was no reason to believe that there was a drug stash on the premises. The crime actually occurred during daylight hours, shortly after 6 pm yesterday evening. That the impersonators would stage a fake drug raid at that time and then spend 30 minutes on the scene seems incredibly brazen.

A man who posed as a police officer in NYC and Suffolk County is now facing an array of charges after his June indictment and could be sentenced to a prison term of 132 years. In May, a Sheepshead Bay man was shot by a fake cop during a home invasion robbery. And last spring, residents of Borough Park were on alert after men or a man of varying descriptions attempted to lure women to him by flashing a realistic looking police badge.