Gothamist is always amused by wacky divorce cases, and when we read one in today's Post that not only involved a fake bankruptcy and a former writer for the Cosby Show who nows works on Wall Street, we had to learn more. Nora Kavner is suing her ex-husband because during their 1998 divorce settlement, she agreed to lower her settlement by $2.5 million because he said he was essentially broke - but in actuality, he had a $6 million job offer. And then he "later purchased a multimillion-dollar landmark mansion on Central Park West." Granted, these are not people you need to cry over, but it's a funny story, complete with references to how Geller would go to role-play clubs and how he tried to convince Kavner to let his pregnant mistress live with them and their kids in their apartment. Gothamist looked up "Matthew Geller" in the phone book and found a "Matthew Geller" who lives at 248 Central Park West. A little Googling later, we stumbled across this amazing website that has tons of photographs of 248 CPW, which is just a stunning home and would be quite the tipoff when dropping off kids for jointy-custody weekend - if this really is Geller's home.

Geller's lawyer says the lawsuit has no merit. And the only Matthew Geller we found on IMDB was a Matt Geller who wrote for both Hotel and Who's the Boss - yo, Angela!