Faisal Shahzad, the Times Square car bomb suspect, apparently spent very little on his botched bomb. According to NY1, "Investigators say Shahzad spent $1,300 for a used sports utility vehicle, bought $95 worth of firecrackers and spent other small amounts for the tanks of gasoline and propane." Further, when his Connecticut apartment rent and plane tickets are added to the total, he may have only spent $7,000. The feds have been trying to find the courier to helped fund Shahzad's modest expenses. Of course, Saturday Night Live found a way to mock the bomb (see video below).

In the meantime, a photograph taken of Shahzad right after his arrest was released. He was taken into custody at JFK Airport, after Customs agents found him on a JFK-Dubai Emirates flight. The Post reports, "The confessed terrorist was kept in this 6-by-8-foot Customs and Border Patrol holding room in Terminal 4 until the FBI and members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force arrived, law-enforcement sources told the Post.

Pakistani immigrants in NYC are worried about a backlash against them in the wake of Shahzad's arrest. A cab driver told the Daily News, "[The Pakistani government is] trying their best to stop it. They are trying to do whatever they can. It's hard to stop. [Terrorists] are everywhere. They are all over the world," and lamented, "If one is bad, it's making problems for others. If there are some bad people, it doesn't mean all people are bad."