Notice anything unusual about the weather recently? Measurable precipitation has fallen for the last five days. That's the first time that's happened since a seven day stretch in early June. Last year, with nearly 73 inches of precipitation, was the second wettest year on record. We're just under the 40-inch mark so far this year. That's about ten inches less than the long-term average.

No rain or snow is going to happen in the next several days as high pressure plotzed over the Ohio Valley will bring fair skies into the weekend. Temperatures will start out near normal today with a high around 45 degrees. Things will warm to the upper 40s, and maybe even lower 50s, by Friday before dropping a bit on Saturday following the passage of a dry cold front.

A much more interesting weather pattern seems to be in the cards for Sunday and into next week. Saturday's cold front is expected to reverse directions and head north as a warm front, bringing showers on Sunday. A coastal storm looks like it will develop later on Monday or possibly Tuesday. It is too soon to be confident on the details but early betting has this storm hugging the coast, which means rain in the city and perhaps a rain/snow mix inland.