The former NYPD auxiliary deputy inspector who was killed in a car crash on Route 17 in the Catskills on Monday, along with his wife and future son-in-law, reportedly overcorrected after attempting to merge into the left lane and narrowly missing another vehicle. Investigators believe a second over-correction away from the right shoulder may have caused his vehicle to flip.

According to a State Police report published in the Times Herald-Record, Morris Faitelewicz, 58, was driving east on Route 17 near Exit 122 around 4:40 p.m. on Monday when he attempted to move into the left lane, narrowly missing a vehicle already occupying his merging space. He then veered onto the right shoulder, and quickly back to the left. The car then "rolled on its side, went airborne then rolled several times before coming to a stop."

Faitelewicz's wife, Beth Faitelewicz, 54, and 32-year-old Yehuda Bayme, who was engaged to marry his daughter, both died in the crash. The Faitelewicz's three children, Shani, Yaakov and Avi, were also in the vehicle, and were taken to area hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries.

Both Morris and Beth Faitelewicz, who lived on the Lower East Side, helped with 9/11 recovery operations, Morris Faitelewicz as a first responder, and Beth Faitelewicz as a nurse at Beth Israel.

A State Police investigation into the crash is ongoing.