It's astounding how some politicians seem to have no grasp of the Big Brother that is Facebook, so here's a little lesson: if you write something controversial on Facebook, everyone will see it. Period. Privacy settings lie. Newark City Councilman Ronald Rice Jr., son of NJ State Senator Ronald Rice Sr., has come under heat for writing on Facebook, "Is our Governor on crack? No seriously, is he smoking or drinking something that is illegal or at least detrimental to one’s health?...Chris Christie is insane!!!!" Sure, it's insulting, but is it wrong?

Rice Sr. has asked his son to apologize and tried to explain his son's missteps, saying, "I think he’s a little too quick on the keyboard for his own good sometimes." However, he did agree that his son's concerns over education were valid; Rice Jr. had questioned whether Newark would even be able to use some of the $100 million donated by none other than Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. And 11 people "liked" it!

Rutgers professor Clement Price said Rice Sr. was right to chastise his son. "He’s of a generation who would find such a characterization unseemly and perhaps embarrassing to the family." It's unclear how long Rice Jr. was grounded after the incident.