Cherry Currin, a member of the The Dazzle Dancers who goes by the stage-name Cherry Dazzle, has had trouble with Facebook in the past over risque photos; she's previously received warnings about a photo of herself backflipping out of the vagina of a giant female statue, and then again for an image of her breasts covered in flame-shaped pasties. But it wasn't until Cherry got pregnant that Facebook went nuclear and canceled her account!

The termination came after Currin uploaded a photo (seen here) of her pregnant body, dressed only in a thong, gold pasties, and glitter, as her Facebook profile picture. She wasn't even technically naked, but that didn't matter to the site's administrators, who have previously sparked controversy by yanking photos of breast-feeding mothers from profile pages.

So why does Facebook hate the pregnant female form? That's what Currin wants to know; she tells the NY Press, "I think people are terrified of the vagina or something. It's the human body! We all have one.People are so scared of bodies in this country. It's insane. I think that why we have so many health problems." Agreed—and the Health Department really needs to start encouraging G-strings and pasties as part of its Take Care NY initiative.