State Assemblyman William Boyland was grinning and pumping his arms in the air after being acquitted of corruption charges in federal court yesterday. Boyland, who represent Brooklyn, had been indicted, along with powerful State Senator Carl Kruger, on charges of bribery and accepting money from hospital executives in exchange for state contracts. But a jury found Boyland not guilty and a juror told the Daily News that the feds “didn’t give us enough evidence to convict him and send him to jail."

The feds claimed that Boyland took over $175,000 from a medical company, MediSys, for a consulting job he never showed up to—instead, the government said, Boyland used his influence to help the company. Interestingly enough, MediSys's ex-CEO was recently found guilty in a non-jury trial.

The jury had been deadlocked for a day and a half. The Times reports:

Most jurors felt that Mr. Boyland “clearly did things wrong,” the juror said, citing evidence that he lied on disclosure forms about his work for MediSys, and that he had a no-show job. But even though these were “bad acts,” the juror added, “they did not add up to the two federal crimes that he was accused of.”

“We could not connect the dots,” the juror said. “We could not say that because he got the money, he advocated for MediSys. We just couldn’t do that. We couldn’t do that beyond a reasonable doubt.”

, Boyland, a Cityville fan, said, "My team was incredible. I’m looking forward to getting back in service." It has been a dramatic year for Boyland—while in his car with his young son, someone fired a gun and the bullet ended up in one of the front seats. It's believed it was a stray bullet incident.

Kruger is awaiting trial.